GreenMax-Almond Tea with Hazelnut Cereal

GreenMax-Almond Tea with Hazelnut Cereal
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Almond Tea with Hazelnut Drink is a nutritious drink in which made of 6 natural ingredients without artificial flavors, preservatives or artificial coloring. It is sweet in taste and delicious.


Natural almond powder, Hazelnut powder, yam, fungus, milk powder containing lactose, corn starch, walnut, Lily, crystal sugar, vanilla powder and almond oil.

Health Benefits:
Almond Tea with Hazelnut drink  is a nutritional drink which is a good source of:

  • Calcium: Essential for strong teeth and bones
  • Iron: Helps in building red blood cells
  • Vitamin B 1: Helps to keep the health of nervous system
  • Vitamin C: Helps for iron absorption and increase immune system
  • Protein: Helps to repair and maintain the health of cells and tissues
  • Vitamin B 6: Helps to improve the health of body tissues and cells
  • Vitamin B 12: Promotes general health growth
  • Vitamin B 2: Participate for energy metabolism
  • Vitamin B 5: Helps to maintain the health of body metabolism
  • Vitamin B 3: Helps to maintain the health of skin and nervous system
  • Carbohydrates: The main provider of the energy to the body
  • Vitamin E: As an antioxidant

Suggested preparation:
To serve as a drink, add one sachet of Almond Tea with Hazelnut into 200-220 ml of boiled water, and mix well. Ready to serve. Thickness and sweetness to your own preference.

Recommendation serving:

Take 1-2 sachets daily.

Storage Condition:

Keep in cool, dry place and away from heat and direct sunlight.

Best Before:

The shelf life of the products is short due to the absence of artificial preservatives.

The product offered will be ensured is not expired upon the purchase.

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